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  • Low price per job.

  • No minimum spend or advertising budget needed.

  • No limit on how long jobs remain visible on the site.

  • Monthly invoicing so no debit/credit cards or pre-paid credits.

Bonus: Free of charge  until we have advertised 10,000 jobs, then  £19.99 plus VAT

Searching and advertising jobs online is coming in 2023.
Cost comparison
We were thinking...

We found these costs from leading job websites in the UK (8th April 2022).

  • Two of them offer FREE job posting, which sounds perfect, but with an emphasis on paying to 'sponsor'  job listings, so they appear higher up search results. So, this entails setting a budget for each job and spending it. Might end up costing as much as the competition's one time posting charges.

  • Six websites offer a single, standard job posting, the Pay As You Go model, usually with discounts when you post a higher volume of jobs


Free to post.

'Sponsor' fee to make jobs appear at the top of search results


Free to post

'Sponsor' fee to make jobs appear at the top of search results

...of a simple model. How is this for simple?

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Free of charge

until we've advertised 10,000 jobs

(plus VAT)

CV Library


per job per month



per job per month



per job per month

Subscription model is available from £130-£650 per month for upto 5 jobs

Total Jobs


per job for six weeks

IM Jobs


per job per month



per job per month

  • Jobs remain active until you turn them off

  • Pay As You Go - no contract

  • No minimum spend

  • Invoiced monthly, no need for bank/credit cards.

That's it.

Free until we hit 10,000 jobs,  then

£19.99 + VAT per job

for as long as you want.

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22 MAR: 19% profit,  5 of 6 profitable days 

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