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Martin Harris

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Hi, I'm Martin Harris.


I run a business called MKK Lion, that works in IT Consultancy, Entertainment and Books (this website), Gambling, Job Advertising, People and Recruitment, Online Retailing.


In 2014, we got a Shih Tzu puppy, which as puppies do, got into all kinds of adventures. A friend of ours casually remarked, “Your dog is so funny, you should write a book about everything she does”. In 2015, I was in between contracts and began writing the ‘dog’ book.


In 2021, the book was published but I found the whole process slow (9 months), expensive (£2,200) and after publication day, I never heard from them again.  Clearly no marketing effort on my behalf, backed up by the dismal sales figures after the first six months.

I decided I could do better myself, so I setup

MKK Entertainment, to help aspiring authors publish their books. Provide a much better service at a cheaper price. Greater transparency about costs and royalties. More attention to marketing and promotion.  


In September 2022, MKK Entertainment

went live.

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22 MAR: 19% profit,  5 of 6 profitable days 

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