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I am Martin Harris and writing is something that I always enjoyed.

In 2015, I wrote “Diary of a Little Dog" and self-published on Amazon. In 2021, it got the attention of several publishers and was professionally published.


I am writing more books about

historical events and biographies.

Visit Martin Harris' page on Amazon
Welcome to MKK Books

These are our books, written by us.

Fictional stories for children, biographies, history, puzzles, technology and even a diet book. You can download all of them from Amazon as a paperback or a Kindle e-book.

Coming soon
  • "Diary of a Little Dog" will be available as an audiobook.

  • "Diary of a Little Dog" to be turned into illustrated, short stories for children.

  • More biographies and history books to be added.

New releases

Children's books

Suitable for children, 6-13 years old, but I know adults enjoy them too :)

Health & fitness

Books about losing weight and keeping fit.


Books about wars, significant military campaigns and military teams.