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IT Planning Books

I have written four technical IT books, that describe how to size IT infrastructure for processing large volumes of bets/trades, for sporting events in a single day.

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Big sporting events like the Grand National generate huge volumes of bets putting enormous pressure on bookmakers IT systems.


I created a guidebook to help IT professionals working for bookmakers, describing how they can improve and protect their IT infrastructure and prevent failures on big sporting days, like the Grand National.


The books goes through every stage from initial planning to post-event analysis, reviewing the customer journey and different customer channels.

This books are easy to follow and will provide ideas your IT department can utilise, to help manage the huge volume of bets coming your way.


There are four versions

  • the Grand National

  • the Melbourne Cup

  • the Kentucky Derby

  • the Super Bowl.

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22 MAR: 19% profit,  5 of 6 profitable days 

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