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Since 2018, I have been working constantly on Cloud-based projects.


Migrating servers and databases from OnPrem to AWS and Azure.

Deploying IaaS and PaaS services.

Decommissioning legacy OnPrem infrastructure.


Deploying leading edge software; Google Anthos, Snowflake

and CloudHealth integration.

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Enhancing cloud services

January - December 2022,

London Stock Exchange Group

I managed multiple work streams to enhance and improve the company's cloud service

  • risk and compliance controls

  • automation and pipelines

  • financial operations improvements

  • centralised web-based resources

  • cloud migration procedures

  • legacy account migrations

  • service effectiveness

Deployment for a new 'landing zone' in AWS for Snowflake

January - December 2021,

London Stock Exchange Group

Working with a 3rd party consultant, Hexaware, I managed...

  • The build and deployment of automated pipelines to create a new landing zone for Snowflake.

  • Non-Prod and Prod environments to allow other parts of the business to migrate their data requirements into Snowflake.

  • Discovery and design to document what will be delivered to ensure internal standards and requirements are met.  

In January 2021, implementation and deployment of the new landing zone in AWS.

Build & Deployment of 'Google Anthos on AWS' in the United Kingdom

July - November 2021,

London Stock Exchange Group

I project managed the build and deployment of a new Google Anthos on AWS platform.  Working with the in-house Cloud Engineering Team, an external consultancy and Google themselves, the new platform was designed, built and deployed.


This was one of the first deployments of Google Anthos on AWS in the United Kingdom. The product was still official in 'beta' when we started. New Dev, Test and Production environments were built, automated pipelines using Jenkins created and incorporating Information Security requirements like sign-on protocols and role-based access control (RBAC), container scanning using BlackDuck, monitoring and alerting using DataDog, financial operations information into CloudHealth, etc.


In October 2020, the first application was migrated to containers, passed all necessary testing and went into production - 4 months after the project started.

Migration of servers and databases off Windows / SQL 2008 onto supported versions, putting as much as possible into Azure (IaaS & PaaS)

February - December 2019,

Lloyds of London

I project managed the migration of approx 400 Windows 2008 servers and 600 SQL 2008 databases to supported versions of Windows and SQL, moving as much as possible into Azure and decommission around 1,200 servers and databases.​ We adopted an Agile methodology with two-week sprints, to manage work and resources and track progress.

The kind of tasks that I had to manage included…​

  • Produce design documentation and runbooks.

  • Build servers and databases in Azure and OnPrem.​

  • Communication with stakeholders and users..

  • Produce test scripts.

  • Complete UAT and dual running.

  • Migrate users to the new deployments.

  • Service transition to Support.

  • Decommission unrequired servers and databases, c. 1,200.​​

After an initial period to setup and improve operating processes, output had become much faster and more efficient, getting into a ‘factory-like’ process, migrating servers and databases every week from OnPrem into Azure. The project completed on schedule and on budget.

Improving control of VMs in Azure

December 2018, MS Amlin

Once MS Amlin had been running servers in Azure for a few months, it became apparent they were missing some tools to allow them to better control and manage their cloud estate.  Having managed the server migration to Azure, they asked me to revisit this project and get these tools installed.

  • CloudHealth was installed to improve financial reporting.

  • Log Collector by SecureWorks, to capture log files from domain controllers and firewalls.

  • Symantec Group Update Provider (GUP) to distribute content updates to client machines in Azure.

  • SCCM expanded so the global SCCM infrastructure could update servers in Azure.

  • Access control was reviewed to  any unwarranted access rights.

  • Serial Console was enabled across the estate to allow low level access to each server, independent of the VM's network or OS state.

Cloud migration from OnPrem to Azure (IaaS)

January - July 2018, MS Amlin

​I managed the migration of 91 DEV/TEST/UAT servers from a data centre in London to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

A repeatable process was created to migrate servers to Azure.

  • Analysis of the OnPrem servers considering connectivity to other servers/networking that would be required in Azure.

  • Producing migration runbooks.

  • Test scripts were created.

  • Servers were replicated to Azure using the ASR tool.

  • Production service transferred to the new deployments in Azure.

  • Service transition documentation was produced for BAU Support.

  • Decommission the original servers OnPrem.

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05 FEB: Model 23R   27% profit,  20 of 23 profitable days 

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