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Send us your infomation and CV.

We will match your desires, skills and experience with our client's requirements.

We are always looking for...

  • IT

    • Developers and DevOps

    • Cloud and OnPrem engineers

    • Architects and UI designers

    • Network designers and engineers

    • Cyber and information security

    • Data analysts and reporting

    • Financial Optimisation

    • Support staff

  • Project / Programme / Portfolio managers, PMO, BAs.

  • Risk, Governance, Compliance

  • Finance, Accountants, Payroll

Step 1: Complete the form

Fill in the form below with your information.

Thanks for submitting!

Step 2: Email your CV

Attach your CV to an email to us (click the Email button below)

Step 3: We will call you

We will give you a call, so that we can understand the next role you want and the experience and skillset you have.

Setting up a limited company, business bank account, VAT, insurance, choosing an accountant.... we can help.

If you are taking a contract that is outside IR35, you will need

  • a limited company

  • a business bank account

  • VAT registration with HMRC

  • business insurance

  • an accountant

  • a cashflow plan


Please don't pay expensive online services that cost £000's.

It's not difficult or expensive.

We can help you. We have run limited companies since 2011, so we know the steps needed and can guide you on who provides the best services.

Contact us.

Choosing a good accountant is vital if you are running your own limited company. Not only will they generate your year-end figures and calculate corporation tax, they can help you with VAT which has to be submitted onlinw now, they can produce your self assessment and calculate how much income/dividend tax you need to pay.  They can help you with tax planning to ensure you save enough money each time you get paid, so that you have the funds to cover your future tax bills.

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Maslins are excellent. We used them for a previous company and will use them for MKK Lion.

Keeping your personal information safe

MKK Lion willl never sell or give your personal information to a third party.

We think that is unethical and it's not how we make money.

Our client's pay us a fee for matching you with their vacant roles

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22 MAR: 19% profit,  5 of 6 profitable days 

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