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Data centres.

I am very experienced at managing datacentre builds and migrations.

I have completed a number of datacentre projects,

building new facilities, migrations and decommissioning.


All of these involved planning, budgeting and resourcing the project

before moving onto implementation; managing resources, project plans and

delivery, cost management, progress, etc.

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Migrate disaster recovery services from Canada to the UK, then decommission the original datacentre

July - December 2018, MS Amlin

MS Amlin wanted to close a data centre in Toronto that hosted a DR environment. I managed the migration of servers from Toronto to the UK, using a combination of vSphere replication to copy the servers across the network and new physical builds.  The new DR environment was tested and signed off, app by app, followed by the physical decommission of hardware in Toronto.

Datacentre fit-out & server expansion

January - May 2016, MS Amlin

Installation of additional cabinets and structured cabling into two data centres, to accommodate new HP 3PAR storage, Cisco Nexus 9000s, 2000s, fibre channel switches and eight HP DL servers.

2x simultaneous data centre relocations

July - December 2015, MS Amlin

MS Amlin wanted live services moving between two data centres to enable the £5m sale of a building it owned - all within six months. I managed a team of twenty-five server, storage, networking, data centre and application engineers and architects, to design, deliver and move around one hundred physical servers and another five hundred VMs. The project was completed on time and the building sale proceeded on plan.

Datacentre relocation

October 2013 - January 2015, CMC Markets

15-month project to

  • relocate the datacentre from Docklands to Welwyn Garden.

  • upgrade networking hardware with the latest Cisco switches

  • increase storage capacity adding new Hitachi VSP storage devices


Work carried out included...​

  • The new data centre was fitted out with 68 cabinets, cabling, new internet / MPLS / leased lines and telephone lines, new links to Bloomberg, Reuters, Market Prizm and to CMC's other data centres.

  • By early December 2014 (on schedule), all services had been migrated, 75 cabinets and 30 pallets of hardware were disposed of and the original data centre was handed back.

Server estate refresh

October 2013 - January 2015, CMC Markets

15-month project to​replace the entire server estate with new HP hardwareupgrade databases and OS versions to standardise on Windows 2012, RedHat Linux 6.0 and SQL 2012.Work carried out included...Analysis of the server estate leading to 637 servers being decommissioned.£5.9m worth of new servers, storage and networking being purchased.New servers (26 enclosures and 437 blades) were delivered and installed and 963 servers (305 physical and 658 VMs) were either built new or migrated from the original data centre.

Decommissioning in Vienna

2014, CMC Markets

CMC no longer wanted a data centre in Vienna, so new servers were built in London and services migrated.  New phone lines were installed into the staff office and the phone system moved and numbers diverted. New data circuits were installed in the sales office to increase bandwidth and provide additional resilience.  All the infrastructure and unwanted hardware was decommissioned.

Decommissioning in Singapore

2015, CMC Markets

CMC no longer wanted a data centre in Singapore as services had slowly been moved to London and Sydney. Only a few services remained, so it was a simple project to migrate the outstanding services, decommission the hardware and work with a local supplier for the physical disposal of hardware the dilapidation work, to return the data centre back to its original state for hand-back to the landlord.

Datacentre build, then expansion

2003 & 2005, CMC Markets

In 2003, CMC Markets moved to a new office in The City of London. I managed the construction and fit-out of it's new data centre in the building basement, managing 3rd party contractors and suppliers, budgets and schedules for the physical construction and the installation of the aircon, fire suppression, electrics, UPS and batteries, generator, copper and fibre network cabling and working with Telco's for the installation of new WAN and Phone lines. In 2005, the floorspace of CMC's data centre was doubled, so electrics, aircon, UPS, fire suppression, networking were all upgraded.

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05 FEB: Model 23R   27% profit,  20 of 23 profitable days 

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