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We have sixteen project management documents for sale via Etsy UK.

Download our book about sizing IT infrastructure.

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The complete set of 16 project management docs
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discount when you buy the bundle pack
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This is our complete set of all the Project Management documents needed to govern and deliver a successful project.

We're offering a 40% discount (£49.00 inc VAT .v. £81.68 inc VAT) when you buy the bundled pack of all 16 documents, compared to purchasing all the documents individually.

All the Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents are unlocked so that you can edit and customise them to suit your needs.  The "Project Lifecycle" PDF is read-only.

  • Project Lifecycle Diagram (PDF)

  • Startup Stage

    • Project Brief (Microsoft Word DOCX)

    • Business Case (Microsoft Word DOCX)

  • Initiation Stage

    • Risk Management Approach (Microsoft Word DOCX)

    • Change Control Approach (Microsoft Word DOCX)

    • Quality Management Approach (Microsoft Word DOCX)

    • Communication Management Approach (Microsoft Word DOCX)

    • Project Board Controls (Microsoft Word DOCX)

    • Plan on a Page (Microsoft PowerPoint PPTX)

    • Project Initiation Document (PID) (Microsoft Word DOCX)

  • Execution Stage

    • RAID Log (Microsoft Excel XLS)

    • Change Control Log (Microsoft Excel XLS)

  • Monitoring Stage

    • Status Highlight Report (Microsoft Word DOCX)

    • End Stage Report (Microsoft Word DOCX)

  • Closure Stage

    • Lessons Learned Report (Microsoft Word DOCX)

    • End Project Report (Microsoft Word DOCX)

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We have bundled the documents into a single ZIP file to make downloading and unpacking simple.

Individual project management documents
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If you only want to purchase individual documents, you can do that.  

All the Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents are unlocked so that you can edit and customise them to suit your needs.  The "Project Lifecycle" PDF is read-only.

Click the images below, to take you to Etsy for purchasing.

Sizing IT infrastructure for large sporting events that generate high volumes of bets

In 2012, I worked on a project at Ladbrokes, to keep their digital platforms operational on Grand National Day. Betting volumes on Grand National are so much larger than any other day.  

Prior to 2012, it was common for every bookmaker's website to crash under the volume of bets on Grand National day. Ladbrokes wanted their mobile and web platforms to remain operational.

"IT Planning for the Grand National" was born out of that project, documenting what we did and why, for the next year. 

We developed a fresh approach to understanding the customer journey, utilising new technology to improve resilience and clever project management techniques to bring everything together on time.  The race wasn't going to wait for us.

Technology has moved on since I wrote the book, but there are still useful ideas and principles that might help anyone who needs to resize their IT infrastructure to cope with demand.


ps. Ladbrokes' digital platforms did remain operational for the entire day in 2012, as we watched the competition's websites crash.

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Paperback &
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