We don't try to beat the bookie.

We aim to 'copy the bookie'.

We have created computer models that make the selections.

We choose horses to 'lay', not to 'back'. We want to pick losers.

No emotion, no guessing, no funny feelings in our bones.

We don't pick horses with funny names.

We don't care what the colour of the jockey's shirt is.

We just use maths.

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We aim to go live with our "recommendation subscription"

service in late 2022.

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to find out more

We have created mathematical models for selecting horses for 'laying', rather than 'backing'. Horses that we want to lose because there are a lot more losing horses than winning horses.  Why do you think commercial bookmakers are so profitable?

Once we have completed testing, we aim to go live with a subscription service, offering daily tips for a small monthly fee

The aim is to go live on 1st October 2022.

We only select horses from UK and Irish races.

The mathematical models for horse racing we have created include:

  • "Bookmaker" - 'laying' horses like a bookmaker, mirroring how they work.

  • "1st Favourites to Lose" - 'laying' the favourites we think have the greatest statistical chance of NOT winning.