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Welcome to the men's department of MKK Lion.

Aftershave, clothes, shoes, acceossries.

Everything a well dressed man needs.

We use a mix of Amazon FBA ('Fulfillment by Amazon') for stock that we own, Etsy for digital documents and Affiliate Marketing to bring you great products and deals from manufacturers and other retailers.

(FBA) Fulfillment
Digital docs
from Etsy

We use 'Fulfillment by Amazon' (FBA) to distribute stock that we own. Amazon provide fast delivery, secure card payment processing, an easy route to return any products you are dissatisfied with and if you subscribe to Amazon 'Prime', you can get next-day deliveries.

You just click on our links to be taken to our Amazon store.

We use Etsy to sell digital documents, 

e.g. children's colouring-in books, fitness workout plans, cooking recipes, CV's and resumes, diary planners, etc.

Links on the documents will take you to our Etsy store. You purchase the item, Etsy process your card payment securely, then you download the document immediately.

'Affiliate Marketing' is something that has grown up with online sales. We partner with large companies like Amazon, Adidas, Nike, Sephora and Target and advertise their products on our website.​

You purchase directly from these large companies, they process your payment card and they ship your products directly to you. We get paid a small commission, so everyone wins.

MKK Lion does NOT see your card details for any of these distribution channels.

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