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2nd favourites win on average 18-21%.

3rd favourites win even less.

We target 2nd and 3rd favourites with a low chance of winning.

We want losers.


Our models review every horse race in UK and Ireland and choose which horses to lay via a betting exchange. We typically target 2nd and 3rd favourites and use statistics and historic results, to choose which horses to select and which to ignore. ​


Some 2nd and 3rd favourites win more often at certain times of the day or when backed at certain odds or at certain racetracks. We take all this information; odds, locations, number of runners and times, and choose the horses that meet all our criteria that have a statistically lower chance of winning.  We want losers because we are 'lay' betting.​​

Historic Performance


15 Jan - 28 Feb 2023

01-16 March 2023







Performance Dashboard

This is our current performance, gambling with our own money, from 17th March 2023.

Which horses to lay?

Subscribe to our service to obtain the names of horses to lay.

We produce recommendations every day and post them online and send them to your inbox.


If you'd like to try our service for free, follow us on Twitter @mkkracing to receive a free tip to lay each day.

We typically generate 3 to 8 selections a day, so you will only need to spend 10-15 minutes placing your bets using the information we give you.

We use a platform called to host our memberships and publish our recommendations.

They provide secure card processing, which means we never need to hold your card details. They make it really easy for us to post tips and images and manage the information we make available. So we took the decision to pay a fee on everyone that signs up as a subscriber and take advantage of their platform, rather than build our own.

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22 MAR: 19% profit,  5 of 6 profitable days 

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