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I have delivered many types of networking projects over the years...

Data centre migrations

Connectivity to market data providers

Upgrading / expanding / decommissioning networking hardware

Rolling out global connectivity

Re-organising VPN connections

Installing local WiFi.

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New 10Gbps circuits & Cisco Nexus hardware

2016, CMC Markets

As part of CMC's data centre relocation project, I managed the installation of 4x 10Gb/s links between the new data centre and their existing two other sites. New Cisco Nexus hardware worth £1m was purchased and installed, to create a brand new LAN in the new data centre. New Internet and MPLS connections with Verizon and Colt were added. Months later when the servers had been installed and services migrated, the final part of the project was to manage the relocation and integration of the original Cisco Nexus hardware into the new data centre, to increase capacity and resilience.

Replacing market data providers

2014, CMC Markets

CMC replaced BT Radianz and TNS as their primary price providers, with a new supplier, Market Prizm. Four new data circuits were installed between CMC's two data centres and Market Prizm (two per site for resilience). Price data from Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, UBS, Smart Trade and Real Tick was then supplied by Market Prizm (whilst still retaining the original feeds), integrated into CMC's pricing infrastructure and tested. The original BT Radianz and TNS services were decommissioned when CMC's Pricing team signed off the new data supply.

53x VPN migrations

2013, Ladbrokes

I managed the migration of fifty-three VPN connections to Vodafone's data centre, saving Ladbrokes £600K because they could decommission an Internet circuit, saving the renewal budget. Working with Vodafone and 3rd parties, I managed technical resources for the network design work, scheduled change windows and managed the change control processes. All fifty-three VPNs were migrated on schedule.

SkyBet's datacentre relocation

2013, Ladbrokes

Sky supplied data services to Ladbrokes and had their own programme to relocate one of their data centres. I ensured the continuity of services provided by Sky to Ladbrokes customers, by managing the analysis, change and testing of the network between Sky and Ladbrokes. When Sky moved their data centre there was no loss of service to Ladbrokes.

BGP deployment

2013, Ladbrokes

Deployment of new BGP technology across four internet circuits between two data centres in Gibraltar, managing Ladbrokes' internal networking team and the technical resources of the ISPs.

WiFi installation

2012, Ladbrokes

I managed the installation of two WI-FI networks, at Ladbrokes' Crayford Greyhound Track, in their hospitality centre and their restaurant.

Decommissioning old XML price feeds

2011, Ladbrokes

I decommissioned uncontrolled outbound XML price feeds and migration of 3rd parties to a single, managed production feed, allowing Ladbrokes to control who they were giving access to their data feed.

Worldwide MPLS deployment

2011, CMC Markets

I managed the deployment of a new worldwide MPLS network to eighteen offices in Europe, APAC and North America, supplied by Verizon. I had to liaise with many telco's around the world as well as Verizon, managing the delivery of local tail circuits between our offices and Verizon's connection point. All the offices went online on schedule, network traffic was faster, more resilient and CMC saved money by having one integrated network, instead of multiple separate deals.

Live TV Broadcasting

2009, CMC Markets

I managed the installation of data links and hardware between CMC's office and a broadcast intermediary company, to enable live TV broadcasting from the dealing room to broadcasters like BBC News, Sky News and Bloomberg.

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