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People & suppliers.

I have been in the IT industry in London for over twenty years.
I know a lot of very good people and suppliers.

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Welcome to MKK IT people

I have been in the IT industry in London for over twenty years.

I have met and worked with a lot of good people and companies and that puts me in a good position to make personal referrals anf help you find the right epople and companies.


If you need individuals with specific IT skills, I can help.

  1. Recommend: 

    • I recommend good people that I have worked with.

    • You engage them.

    • Fee = £0.

  2. Search:

    • I find people with the right skills.

    • You onboard them, you pay them, they work for you.

    • You pay me a search fee.

    • Search fee = 10%+VAT of their first year salary.

  3. Supply:

    • I supply people with the right skills. They work for my limited company and are assigned to your project.

    • The contractor invoices me and I pay them.

    • I invoice you and you pay me.

    • Margin = 10%+VAT of contractor's day rate.


If you need expert help from an IT supplier, I can help.

  1. Recommend:

    • I have worked with so many suppliers, that I have a ready-made 'preferred supplier list (PSL)".

    • You engage with the supplier to form the business relationship.

    • The supplier meets your "Request for Proposal (RFP)" needs, so you can evaluate that they are the right partner for you.

    • You decide to engage the supplier or not.

    • Fee = paid to me at the supplier's discretion, paid by the supplier and NOT added to your quotation.

  • Projects

    • Project Managers (Infrastructure & Application)

    • Programme Managers & Heads of Delivery Level

    • Business Analysts

    • Project Management Office

  • Cloud & Infrastructure

    • Architects

    • Security

    • Engineers

    • Cloud Financial Optimisation

  • Networking

    • Architects

    • Engineers

  • Business Services

    • Risk and Compliance​

    • Procurement

  • Hardware suppliers (servers, storage, networking)

  • Networking solutions and personnel

  • IT consultancies

  • Cloud financial optimisation

  • Recruitment

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