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MKK Racing: Profit this week

We use our own money to bet on the selections that our model generates every day. We have £6,231 in the bank and we risk 4% as the liaibility amount for each race.

This week, we are £267 up so far

Monday 22APR -£6.69

Tuesday 23APR £73.84

Wednesday 24APR £99.95

Thursday 25APR £100.43

Friday 26APR

Saturday 27APR

Sunday 28APR

Monday we had a winner to payout so it wiped out profits for the day, but no winners since.

Our target is to reach £400/day which is £10,000/month, tax-free.

These are real figures using our own money.

We have been doing this since January and we are £2,730 up.

You can subscribe to receive the same daily tips we use.

Subscribe for just £15/mo @

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