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Updated: Mar 13

We have two elements to our online selling business.

"African Products"

My partner imports products from South Africa and Namibia to sell to the ex-pat community here in the UK. She started by marketing to friends using Instagram but in December 2023, e created an eBay shop (so much easier that creating an Amazon shop) and sales increased ten-fold. We've started marketing social media too. We aren't far off needing dedicated premises to store and distribute the stock, so we can turn the front room if our house back into a usable room again.

"Digital Department Store"

The other element to our online sales business is what I'm doing. I'm creating an online digital department store. It will combine affiliate marketing, drop shipping and print on demand, so that I only ever need to hold small amounts of stock. I've already created MKK Lion branded merchandise to learn about print on demand. We have around 50 products using, that customers can buy online and get a fast delivery. Clothes, bags, mugs, stationery with more products to come.

The next phase is to add products to the website ( and begin expanding the product range, to build our digital department store. I have plans for sub-sets of the digital department store too, focusing on the gaming industry, tea and coffee sales, trainers and sneakers, and a few others. Lots to get on with, building and marketing.

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