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Racing: How MKK Racing began

Updated: Mar 13

MKK Racing was born during the COVID lockdowns, working from home, trying to solve a simple problem.

How to make money from gambling on horses.

I'd experimented with tipping services before with mild success but the overriding thought was how much money the bookmakers earn. Millions!

How could I be like then but with no money to start my own gambling company.

So I set to work, with Microsoft Excel and the daily running list on Sporting Life's website, finding the way to unfold riches.

After 12 months work, experimenting, trial and error, and paper-trading to test it, it came up with a series of models that actually produced profits by imitating how bookmakers work - laying bets for others to back, hoping they lose, so I keep their stakes.

I can't set the lay prices like bookmakers can because I have to use betting exchanges, so I instead of laying everything and manipulating the odds to guarantee a profit on every race, I have to be smarter to pick specific horses to lay, hoping they will lose. I use a mix of statistics and filters based on post racing results.

In April, May and June 2023, I used the best performing model with my own money. It was a success, doubling the back balance every 6 weeks. But then I needed the money to pay for something else, so my gambling fund was back to £0.

I saved and built up another stake and in September 2023, started placing bets again. From September to the end of December, the model made a 150% return. Most interestingly, the selections were 98% accurate.

In January 2024, the model made a 50% return and again, was 98% accurate.

In February, the sand again. 48% return for the month and 98% accurate again.

This gave me real confidence to increase the money and start betting bigger in March 2024. A 10-day winning streak boosted the profits and everything was lovely. The model was making money and my choices were vindicated again.

Then I was taught a reminder that this is gambling. Losing £600 over two days when the model picked two winners on both days. The bigger the stakes, the more I had to pay out.

This generated some instant soul searching. Why has it gone wrong, after working so well for so long and constantly repeating its performance each month.

The answer was NOT to lose faith. That repeatable consistent e of making 50% every month and 98% accuracy in the selections, meant, hopefully, it just had two bad days and there is nothing wrong with the model.

Two other things happened as well...

I've been offering to sell the daily tips for subscribers for just £15/month. The idea being, if I got 666 subscribers, that would generate £10K a month (but taxes) as an additional income stream, to my day job and any profits gambling with my own money made. 3 jobs! In March, so started posting in Twitter, Facebook and TikTok much more frequently. I would give it a daily free tip on Twitter. I started picking up subscribers.

The second thing was I received an offer to invest in the gambling fund, boosting the bank balance and creating the stake levels. Instead of opening 100% if the fund, I now own 90%. This may become another way to grow the racing business that I hadn't considered before.

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