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Racing: February 2024 performance

Updated: Apr 1

February was a good month. 49.8% ROI, 98% accuracy again, 20/21 proftable days

72% profit

Winners & Losers

  • 251 losers (99.2%)

  • 2 winners (0.8%)

Profit and Bank

  • Starting Bank: £1,000

  • Ending Bank: £2,719

  • Deposited / Withdrawn: £1,000

  • Profit: £719

  • ROI: 72%

The "Long Shots" Model - the "Tortoise"

Long Shots picks those horses that meet our criteria, where there is a clear favourite and we pick the outsiders - the long shots. It's risking high stakes for a small reward on each race. So why do it? Think of the story of the tortoise and the hare - this is the tortoise.

In February, it was

  • 99.2% accurate, with 251 losers and just 2 winners.

  • It made a 72% profit.

  • On 29FEB 2024, 83% of our money is in Long Shots.


The "23R" Model - the "Hare"

23R picks horses that are 2nd or 3rd favourites and have a low statistical chance of winning. Because the odds are lower, the returns are higher, but so is the risk of picking winners. This is the hare in the story.

In February, it was

  • 94.37% accurate, with 67 losers and 4 winners.

  • It made a 57.6% profit.

  • Like the story, "23R" was zooming ahead, making the best profits, but then a couple of bad days picking winners and the profits fell back to second place, behind "LS", the tortoise.

  • On 29Feb 2024, 17% of our money is in 23R.

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