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Racing: March 2024 Performance

March was the 3rd good month in a row, even though there were three double-winning days, costing £938.

28 out of 31 profitable days and 98% accuracy picking losers, is still a good result.

36.7% profit

Winners & Losers

  • 396 losers (98.5%)

  • 6 winners (1.5%)

Profit and Bank

  • Starting Bank: £2,719

  • Ending Bank: £5,758

  • Deposited / Withdrawn: +£2,000

  • Profit: £1,308

  • ROI: 38%


  • 01 - 08MAR

    • Continuation of the winning streak that started on the 24th February, that lasted 14 days.

  • Saturday 09MAR:

    • Bad day - 2 winners produces a dent in profits.

  • Monday 11MAR:

    • Another bad day, 2nd in 3 days. 2 winners means another dent in profits. I did have doubts if there was something wrong withe the model, but concluded that (a) this is gambling and it will never be 100% successful every day, (b) the two winners were 25/1 beating the 4/5F and a 40/1 long shot beating the 8/11F favourite. Just a 'bad luck' day when the hor favourites didn't perform and the horses we laide won. Grrrr. Bank balance goes down again and we bet again tomorrow.

  • Tuesday 12MAR:

    • For the first time, an external 'investor' (My Dad) deposits money into our model. This is our first external investment, increasing the amount of funds we have to gamble with, diluting our share of the gambling bank to 90%. He compared the returns he was getting for the bank (0.01% for a standard current account, 4% for a 'special' savings account, 17% from his ISA, compared to the 50% a month return our model was generating. Don't worry - he still has 99% of his money invested in the markets and ISAs.

    • £42 profit. A winning day again.

  • 12-20 MAR

    • Nine winning days. £330 profit

  • 21 MAR

    • Another double-winning day. 3rd double this month. Unprecented! £217 loss :(

  • 22-31 MAR

    • Winning again. 10 days in a row without a winner to payout. £644 profit.

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