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We accept manuscripts all the time, for any genre.

We accept Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Google Docs or even plain text files.

Details below about what to send us and how to send to us.

We will review your manuscript and respond to you as quickly as we can.

Submit your manuscript
By email

Click the button above or manually send an email to

We can accept the following electronic documents:

  • Microsoft Word

  • Google Docs

  • Apple Pages

  • Notepad

By post

MKK Entertainment Submissions

15 Castle Street

Bishops Stortford


CM23 3TG

United Kingdom

What to send us

This is what we would like you to send us:


  • name

  • contact number

  • email address

  • postal address


  • desired pen name (if applicable)

  • book title

  • genre

  • does your book have illustrations (Y/N)? 


  • breif description about your book

  • the full manuscript

Talk to us

If you wish to discuss publishing you book over the phone, please give me a call


Martin Harris

+44 (0)78 525 789 33

Terms & conditions​ for submissions
  • The material you have submitted is the Author’s own creative and/or well researched work.

  • At all times the right of the Author to the intellectual copyright of his, her or their work, will be maintained.

  • MKK Lion Ltd, and/or it's brand name MKK Entertainment, guarantee the privacy and intellectual property of the Author and maintain said privacy at all times.

  • No information regarding any Author’s personal details will be disclosed to any third parties without the express permission of said Author.

  • No disclosure of email addresses or similar contact data will be allowed without the express permission being granted by the Author.

  • MKK Lion Ltd, and/or it's brand name MKK Entertainment, may use the personal details of the Author for correspondence.

  • MKK Lion Ltd, and/or it's brand name MKK Entertainment, cannot be held responsible for the loss, damage or non-return of any material sent to us in hardcopy or otherwise.

Useful information
  • Genres: We accept all genres (except academic, scientific and medical works, sheet music or foreign language books - we don't have the skillsets to properly review such books).

  • English language: We only accept submissions written in English language.

  • Review duration: It can take us up to six weeks to review your manuscript and get back to you, but we always endeavour to do things as fast as possible.

  • Double spacing: There is no need to double space your work.

  • Font and size: We prefer Times New Roman, size 12, but don't worry, we can sort that out during the Production phase.

  • Royalties: We show an example of how royalties are shared on the Production, Costs and Royalties page and we clearly state how royalties are shared in the contract.

  • Cover design: This is part of the production phase where we work together to produce a cover you like.

  • Book copies: Part of the contract includes us supplying you with 25 copies of the finished book.

  • Agent: You do not need an agent to submit your manuscript to us. We treat authors and agents with the same respect.

Please note:

We use a hybrid publishing model.

This is where the the costs of producing the book, the initial print run, setting up a website, social media and promoting the book, are shared between us, the publisher, and you, the author. Discover more about what we will deliver on the Production, Costs & Royalties page.

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