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Web design.

Design, build and publish your website.

Easy to edit, quick to make changes and unlimited support.

One monthly fee to keep costs down,

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Web design

We use to create and host the websites we build. All of our websites (including this one you are using now) are built and hosted using Wix. is one of the world’s largest internet hosting companies. You won’t need to invest any money in computer hardware, software licences or internet connectivity. Wix provide everything. 


This makes it easier and cheaper for us to produce websites, so we pass those savings onto you.

You choose the look and feel of your website from a library of templates or you can copy a website we have made, including our own...

Standard Package​
£25 + VAT

per month


(minimum 6 month duration)


The 'Standard' package includes:


  • homepage

  • pages to describe your products/service (however many you need)

  • contact us page, including a form that users can use to send you messages

  • cookie policy page

  • images and videos can be included too


Domain Name:

  • We find a ".com" domain name for you (or, .org., net, whatever you like), then we can begin the design and build phase.



  • hosting your website on the internet.​


There are extra services we can provide, but Wix charge for them.  We can add these services to your website and adjust your monthly fee accordingly.

  • eCommerce, to sell products and services online, managing your inventory and secure card payment processing.

  • database connectivity allowing users to input information, e.g. a job advertising board, or a forum / chat website.

  • file uploads, allowing users uploading files like images, videos or their CV/resume to the website.


These are some of the websites that we have created.

MKK Lion and martinharris10 belong to us.

You can choose to copy one of these designs for your website, or we can use one of Wix’s templates, which we them customise.


You might want to make changes to your website periodically.

If the changes are quick and easy, like adding additional product page or changing existing text, we can do that immediately. 

If you want more substantial changes, we can discuss.

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05 FEB: Model 23R   27% profit,  20 of 23 profitable days 

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