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About us.

All about the people at MKK Lion.

MKK Lion Ltd was founded in the United Kingdom in 2022, by Kilia Kahere and Martin Harris.

The idea was to create a company involved in all the things we find interesting and give us strength and protection through diversity;

  • IT, consultancy, websites and  technology.

  • Sports betting.

  • Online sales.

As we grow, we aim to employ people in the UK and Namibia.


We plan to give 10% of our annual profits to charity, shared amongst charities that focus on the welfare of animals, people in the UK and people in Africa.

Kilia Kahere
Co-founder of MKK Lion
Kilia Kahere

Kilia Kahere is interested in fashion, online retail and social influencing.

Martin Harris
Co-founder of MKK Lion
photo of Martin Harris

Martin has a technical background and is interested all things related to technology; project management and gambling using computer models

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