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About us.

All about MKK Lion.

Who we are, our background, what we do.

Martin Harris & Kilia Kenoo Kahere.

Kilia Kahere
Co-founder of MKK Lion
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Kilia Kahere is a mother of three and interested in fashion, online retail and social influencing.

Martin Harris
Co-founder of MKK Lion
photo of Martin Harris

Martin has the technical background and is interested all things related to technology; project management, gambling using computer models, technical people and resourcing.

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MKK Lion Ltd was founded in the United Kindom in 2022, by Kilia Kahere and Martin Harris.

The idea was to create a company involved in all the things we find interesting and give us strength and protection through diversity;

  • IT, consultancy, websites and  technology.

  • Entertainment and books.

  • Sports betting.

  • People, jobs and recruitment.

  • Online sales.

As we grow, we aim to employ people in the UK and Namibia.


We plan to give 10% of our annual profits to charity, shared amongst charities that focus on the welfare of animals, people in the UK and people in Africa.

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05 FEB: Model 23R   27% profit,  20 of 23 profitable days 

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