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Books: Diary of a Little Dog Short Stories

I have taken the "Diary of a Little Dog" book and re-imagined it for younger children (4-6 years), to help them learn to read.

Large A4-sized pages.

Glossy, colour photos.

Large fonts.

Simpler sentences to read.

There are 18 episodes about Bella, from her birth to her first birthday, describing all the scrapes she get into

  1. Born

  2. New Parents

  3. New Home

  4. Exploring

  5. Visitors

  6. Vet

  7. Garden

  8. Digging

  9. Cheese

  10. Park

  11. Bath

  12. Granddad

  13. Wedding

  14. Painting

  15. Decorations

  16. Christmas Day

  17. Snow

  18. Birthday

The books are available as paperbacks on Amazon and ebay. They don't work as ebooks. They need large pages and the words next to the large colourful photos

Link to all the books by Martin Harris on ebay....

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