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IT: My future for IT contracting

Updated: Mar 13

After eight years, going from one contract to another, my last contract came to an end in February 2024.

To be honest, I needed a month off to recover from an illness not unlike COVID (which I got twice - the first time but vaccines were available) and to work on business ideas for MKK Lion that I've wanted to develop.

I'm looking for a new contract. 20+ years experience, it's still the highest earner for me, but the plan is for this to be my last 6 month contract to the end of 2024, with the income being replaced with gambling revenue using my own money, selling subscriptions to my gaming tipping service, pricing and selling more books and generating income from online sales of physical products I hold in stock or via affiliate marketing, drop shipping or print on demand.

I have been in discussion about returning to permanent employment after 11 years. The security and additional benefits of permanent employment does seem attractive, so I'm giving it serious thought.

The end goal is to have 4-5 income streams, so that I'm no longer reliant on IT project management contracts going into 2025.

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