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Books: Diary of a Little Dog

Updated: Mar 13

This was the first book I wrote in 2018 and had professionally published.

Written for children between the ages of 7-14. Adults can enjoy it too.

Bella is one year old Shih Tzu and lives with her Portuguese mum and English dad in a Victorian cottage outside London. This book describes her adventures and the trouble she got into in her first year.

Bella loves sleeping with her stuffed polar bear, digging up flowers and opening letters the postman delivers. She doesn’t like car trips, regular dog food or pigeons in her garden.

She started life with her siblings and her mother who she called ‘Porridge Lady’. Those were the days of “no milk, horrible biscuits, mean brothers and sisters.” One day, her new mum and dad arrived and took her home to live with them.

Will she adapt to human life? Will she grow to like her vet? Will she stop going to the toilet behind the sofa?

Bella supervised the writing of this book by chewing sticks. She wanted to help, but Dad wouldn’t let her have a pen. Not after she chewed the first one and turned her mouth blue.

They both hope you enjoy reading.

The book is available from:

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